The cat

Do you meaow? Do you wake up in the morning and feel like a cat? Is the cat your second nature or were you a cat in a previous life? Well, time to prove it to your friends.

The astonaut

Have you been to the moon but missed all the photos? Do you tell your friends you've jumped 5m high but noone believes you? Don't worry, we do. Get your astronaut certificate today and let them know.

CEO, CFO, etc.

Not all professionals are of equal importance in a corporation. Some open the doors for others to pass through, some drive the car and others sit behind, some make the coffee and others drink it. Some are very well known while others are completely unknown. What about you?


Are you an introvert? Do you live in a carton box? Certify your self and don't tell anyone. Let's keep it between you and us.


Do you care more about whether the pineapple suits the pizza than the latest political debate? - Would you rather be in a heated argument about toppings or sauces or sausages than politics? Then, you are an apolitical person and the apoliticicm certificate is made for you.