Self certificate badge

Certify yourself

What you say is important to us. Trust and sincere communications makes us grant you a certificate based on what you say. If you say you are an aligator, then, we certify you as an aligator.

You deserve it!

Peer certificate badge

Certify others

Trust is what exists between us and you. So when you wish to certify someone else, we give you this ability. A certiicate is printed with your signature on it, an ideal gift to your friends or loved ones.

You are the master

Self certificate badge

Get certified by the public

This is tricky. Either you believe you are an influencer or the most handsome peron on earth, create a poll and let others vote and grant you your certificate!

Dare you?

To make people feel happy or proud.

This is the core of our mission statement and the reason Certifunny was made: to spread happiness. This is what we also ask you to do: Anytime you assign youself or someone else a certificate, do it for good. Always have in mind that offering another person a cerificate as a gift may make them feel nice.

Happy man

Happy woman

To motivate them reach a goal or serve a good cause.

How can a Certifunny certificate motivate someone reach a goal? Let's see by an example. Let's say you are a heave smoker and assigned your self the "Non smoking certificate. Print it, put it on your wall, look at it every morning and say to yourself: "I am not a smoker, I have a certificate for this! I won't smoke today."