My favorite colleague

Who is your favorite colleague? Who is the one that you would miss most in case they left the company? Who is the one you would play all the time with if your company was transformed to a kindergarden? If there is such a colleague, time to show them your appreciation!

Talent in promising

Do you know someone with an exceptional talent in promising? Someone who all the time pledges that they will change, that they will give you the money they owe to you, that they will start eating cereal or that will soon marry you? Someone who all the time pledges that will make your city or you country or even the whole world a better place? If yes, then certify them (and in case of a politican also vote them) for them to keep promising and for you to keep dreaming!

Best company in the universe

Have you traveled all around the universe and you cannot find a greater company than this? Do you communicate with aliens and they assure you that your company is the best out there? Well, time to show your appreciation! In Certifunny it us who certify the companies, not the opposite!

Special person

Unlike pizzas, all people are special. Each of us is a unique mix of countless ingredients: Memories, experiences, expectations, desires, feelings, sensations... Impulses of the moment, thoughts, beliefs, actions done or not done, abilities and potential, strengths and weaknesses, characteristics that change, characteristics that do not change... If you know someone special, that is a special way to express it to them!

Best doctor ever

Do you know a doctor so good that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, looks like a firefly in front of the sun when compared to them? A legendary healer whose surgical skills are so precise that sculptors envy their precision and their bedside manner is so charming that even bacteria feel guilty for infecting patients? Do you know a superhero with a stethoscope, saving lives and leaving a trail of awe-struck patients in their wake? Time to thank your doctor!